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Funeral Videographer, Funeral Videographer near me, Audio Visual Equipment Hire specialising in Funeral Services. Outdoor PA systems, Large screens as well as Funeral Videography. Please contact us today daz4421@me.com 07766 754944

Funeral Videography

Funerals can be very sad times but we must also remember it’s a time to celebrate the life they had. it’s not about how the died it’s about how they lived.

If you wish we can start filming at the house, the journey, the service, the committal and the wake. Everybody is different please let us know which you would like. Most just have the service filmed.

When we film the service we try to use 3 cameras ( one wide and one close up and one at the front if we are allowed ) and we use even smaller 4K cameras to film any arrivals, journey, committal and the wake so we can be as discreet and in the background as possible. If you wish a simpler cheaper affair we can film with just one camera.

Once filmed we will carefully edit the video to make a beautiful video ready to send to you on a secure download link and watch when you are ready.

If you would like a caring trusted and professional videographer to film a funeral for you please get in touch today. We are here to help.

We do have many more videos but some families have asked us not to put them online. We respect this view.

 One of our own stories... 

I have recently gone to my uncle’s service. It was a very moving service and a celebration about his life and all the things, he had done. It was tearful but also laughter at the things he did and the way he was.  He really was quite a character.

Many of my relatives could not make it to the service, some are too old to safely make it, some were not very able people and others just live in a different part of the world.

They would have loved to have watched the service later that evening the same day or the following day  just so they could feel part of the love, laughter and help with closure.


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