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Funeral Videographer - Funeral Videography

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Funeral Videographer, Funeral Videographer near me, Audio Visual Equipment Hire specialising in Funeral Services. Outdoor PA systems, Large screens as well as Funeral Videography. Please contact us today 07766 754944

Funeral Videography &  Audio Visual Services 

Funeral Videography - PA System Hire - Microphone Hire - Outdoor PA System Hire - Video Services - Funeral Videographer       07766 754944      contact us today.

We specialise in Funeral Videography - Funeral Videos  - Audio Visual Services across the UK 


Simple offerings to suit most budgets

Option 1 Service filming only

Option 2 Service filming & Location shots inc Cortege arrival

Option 3 We can also “video stream” to a remembrance facebook page or account if you would like this instead please ask.

Add on to any package a 2nd Cameraman at the house

Typically edited the and delivered the same day as a HD video download which can be sent around the world to family & friends within minutes.

Please contact us for prices. Ask for Darren.

Contact us now  07766 754944  

We can help you at this difficult time.

Please see below a short cut down example of a recent funeral video we made so you can see the quality of our work.  This video was about 45 mins long and was sent across the world to friends and family the same day. 


Please see a recent customer testimonial  below

Funerals can be very sad times but we must also remember it’s a time to celebrate the life they had. We can help with funeral videographer, Funeral Videography  any funeral videoing

We are here to help through these difficult times with Video and technical support & video services. If you might expect a large crowd and the venue is too small we can help with sound and vision outside. 

We mainly help in videoing  the funeral so you can share with friends and family across the world who cannot make it. It helps with closure. 

Below is a frame export  from one of our cameras to see the  quality of  hour work.  The way the video and sound is put together is very important to us.  

Funeral Videographer Berkshire 

video a funeral

The services we offer ...

  • Funeral Videography

  • Live camera feed from inside to outside using a 50 inch TV and sound, a great solution for those who cannot fit into the Church but still want to see and hear the service.

  • Filming for same day or next day viewing ( depends on service time )

  • PA systems inc Outdoor PA / Microphones & large Led TVs on stands

  • Editing photographs to music to show at service on our displays

Most recent customer testimonial 

Dear Darren,

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for  the efficient and professional service supplied to us last Saturday . Your camera  man was punctual, thorough , caring and professional.

Every moment of this service   was captured and carefully edited.  This video  will  be  valuable memory  for our family  and  we  are very grateful  this production has been a great success.

My family  were very impressed with the overall service and would  highly recommend you to all  our friends  and family.




We can video the service, discreetly and capture perfect sound, then in the same day or next day we will edit the video send to you so you can send to friends and family who could not make the service so they feel they were still part of this day.  This can help with closure. 


We can film at Churches or Crematoriums 

if you wish we can scene set by filming the location from the outside and film the hearse arriving & the cortege. We tend not the film the guests if we do its from a distance .                                                                

We can also create a video of photos you send us so that we can show this in the Church.   

Supply Large LED / Plasma screens in the Church so we can play the photo video during the service as a reminder of the great life they had.

Supply microphones and outdoor & Indoor PA systems for when you know the church is too small for people coming to pay their respect.


Please contact us ASAP so we can help.

07766 754944 or click the link below

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One of our own stories... 

I have recently gone to my uncle’s service. It was a very moving service and a celebration about his life and all the things, he had done. It was tearful but also laughter at the things he did and the way he was.  He really was quite a character.

Many of my relatives could not make it to the service, some are too old to safely make it, some were not very able people and others just live in a different part of the world.

They would have loved to have watched the service later that evening the same day or the following day  just so they could feel part of the love, laughter and help with closure.

We can help make that happen, We can video, edit and deliver online using the internet so you can send the link to download the film that very day or the nest day. They too can join the amazing gathering of people and the respect listen to the stories.

We don't film the committal unless asked. 

We are unobtrusive and very respectful and experienced

If you need help as this difficult time please contact us as soon as possible

07766 754944 or click the link below

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To help with discreetness while filming funeral services we use a small GH5  4k camera so we get exceptional  quality but with a very small camera. 


 Funeral videos of the service make so much sense these days as the technology is there so we can help connect people.


Please contact us today   07766 754944